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Refurbished Mobile Phone (All Grade A+)
Used Mobile Phone (Grade A)
Used Mobile Phone (Grade AB)
Used Mobile Phone (Grade BC)
Mobile phone factory and assembly

All the part original %1 scratch like new

All the part original %10 scratch

All the part original %60 Scratch Blow Loser Case Broken Touch

Warranty Preliminary Information

Including Warranty

  1. Motherboard
  2. Full phone


Without Warranty

  1. Water Damage
  2. icloud ID
  3. Finger reader
  4. Repair the motherboard

Warranty Details

We provide a 90 days’ functionality warranty on every refurbished phone
purchased from us. If for some reason you receive a defective phone you
may send it back to us within 90 days upon RMA approval and we will either
repair, exchange or issue credit to your account.


1.Note For refurbished mobile phone: we don’t take any responsibility for consigner’s custom problems

2.Important:When you get the cargo, please check all the goods clearly before you sign the bill, if you have any question about missing or lost goods, please refuse or call related shipping company in front of delivery staff and make claim on time, otherwise we will not take any responsibility for any missing or loss products, please Noted it!!!

3.Our goods motherboard/LCD Original and accessories & Housing & TP is OEMs

About Us

TBK Telecom Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) was found in 2006. We have had great progress during the past years. We have many references both in Hong Kong and other countries worldwide.

TBK Telecom Co., Ltd. is registered both in Hong Kong and China. We trade high quality electronics and accessories for electronics. Our headquarters is based in Hong Kong. We also have a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China. We have physical stock in both companies.

We, TBK TELECOM Co.,LTD, Have Laboratory in Holland.

For Holland Customer, We can give 90days Warranty If You are in Holland, If you get our goods have any problem within 90days, then you can send to our Laboratory to fix, which will be much more convenient for the after-sales of Holland Market.

We, TBK TELECOM Co.,Ltd, sincerely looking forward to your cooperation!

Our range of products varies focuses on mobile phones:


Used Mobiles (Grade A & B)

Refurbished Mobiles by Apple with one-year-warranty

7 / 14 Day Mobiles

Mobile Phone Accessories:


Mobile Phone Spare Parts:


Please contact for detailed information on terms and conditions for
warranty on refurbished mobiles.

Please contact for detailed information on terms and conditions for warranty on used mobiles.

We can also refurbish your mobiles. Please contact for terms and conditions.

Terms of Payment:

  1. We require 30% deposit and 70% payment before shipment.
  2. We accept only T.T. Bank Wire Transfer

We accept orders from EU Companies (EU VAT) and Non-Eu Companies and Hong Kong.

Contact Us

Yours Truly
Mr. Alrik 

Distributor Office
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MR Alrik 
WhatsApp +852 91435514 
E-Mail [email protected]
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